Kaappaan 3 Day Total Gross

Kaappaan 3 day worldwide gross
Kaappaan 3 day worldwide gross

Kaappaan is a Tamil-language action thriller film written and directed by K. V. Anand and co-written by Pattukkottai Prabakar. It is produced by Lyca Productions and stars SuriyaMohanlalArya, and Sayyeshaa. The Telugu dubbed version titled Bandobast.

Kaappaan First day Gross
Kaappaan First day Gross

Kaappaan Box Office Collection Report

Kaappaan Day Collection Gross
Trivandrum Plexes114.90 L14.90 L
Cochin MultiPlexes15.15 L5.15 L
Chennai11 Cr1 Cr
Tamilnadu115 Cr15 Cr
AP&T14 Cr4 Cr
Kerala12.5 Cr2.5 Cr
USA11.5 Cr1.5 Cr
UAE12.2 Cr2.2 Cr
Malaysia14 Cr4 Cr
UK15 Cr5 Cr
Worldwide136 Cr36 Cr
Cochin MultiPlexes24.87 L10 L
Trivandrum Plexes211.60 L26.51 L
Chennai288 L88 L
Tamil Nadu210.5 Cr10.5 Cr
AP&T23.3 Cr3.3 Cr
Kerala22 Cr2 Cr
USA21.2 Cr1.2 Cr
UAE21.8 Cr1.8 Cr
Malaysia22.5 Cr2.5 Cr
UK23.3 Cr3.3 Cr
Worldwide225.5 Cr25.5 Cr
Tamil Nadu37.5 Cr7.5 Cr
AP & TS33.5 Cr3.5 Cr
Chennai375 L75 L
Kerala31.5 Cr1.5 Cr
USA31 Cr1 Cr
UAE31.5 Cr1.5 Cr
Malaysia32.2 Cr2.2 Cr
UK32.8 Cr2.8 Cr
Worldwide321 Cr56 Cr
Kaappaan Collection
Kaappaan Collection

Kaappaan Official Trailer

Source: Lyca Productions