Justin Bieber Says Goodbye To The Music World, The song rights were sold for 1664 crores

Justin Bieber is a famous pop singer who has fans all over the world. He is a star who has taken over the stage since the age of fifteen. Now the news is coming out which will shock the fans. Bieber is reportedly ending his 14-year music career.

Bieber has been interested in music since childhood. Bieber has faced many ups, downs and controversies in his 15-year music career. Bieber is leaving the music world at the age of 29. Reports say ill health and problems in personal life are behind the tough decision.

Bieber’s life changed when a recording company’s marketing executive came across videos his mother had uploaded to YouTube. Bieber received many awards including the American Music Award at a young age. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Bieber was included in Forbes magazine’s list of the top ten celebrities in the world.

The rights of Bieber’s entire songs have been sold for Rs 1644 crores. Universal Music Group owns Bieber’s songs. Bieber’s last album, Justice, was released in 2021. Bieber revealed . Ramsay’s is a condition that affects the muscles of the face. Bieber’s goal is to focus on his health and married life.