Jijin has revealed his love! Sreelakshmi says she exploded on her doorstep!

Srilakshmi Sreekumar has gained more acceptance after Bigg Boss came to Malayalam. The actress is an actress and performer. Srilakshmi was leaving the country after leaving the Bigg Boss. The actor shared that he is planning to get married. Taraputhi had earlier said that they are in love. The actor also shared more details about the wedding. During the interview with the woman, the highlights were shared.

Only close friends and family members attend the wedding in Kochi. The party will be followed by a banquet in Thiruvananthapuram. Initially there were some objections but later the couple decided to get married. Jijin says that Srilakshmi is the eldest daughter-in-law of the house. Continue to learn more about their love affairs.He studied at Sacred Heart College, Kochi. At that time, the house was being sheltered in Cochin for convenience. Jijin and his family were in the neighborhood. Mothers first became friends. Jijin says he first heard about Srilakshmi from his mother. Introduced afterwards. The two became fast friends.

The two did not have many friends in Kochi. Gijin was born and raised in Dubai. Jijin had control of his mother’s roaming with friends. Her mother told her to get home at the right time. It was only after getting acquainted that they both realized that they were similar in their liking. The householders had no complaints in this friendship. The food was so delicious that it spilled over to a few places.

Srilakshmi had first learned about how friendship can turn into love. It was only when Jijin called and said he had something to say. When first heard, there was no reply. With this, Giji became more and more tense. He was worried about losing his friendship with Sri. Keeping it secret has become a big challenge as it has fallen in love. The romance was kept secret for 5 years.

They are equally interested in food and driving. However, Gijin says he does not like driving at Srilakshmi Speed ​​and he does mention it occasionally. Sreelakshmi says she has maximum freedom in her home. The first Dubai trip was with Gijin’s parents. Anna was taken to a place where there was good food. During the crisis, the two men stood by each other. When support was lost, Shri. He was looking for a better job later.

There were objections when I heard about love at home. She later supported it. The marriage is done with the consent of both parties. She wants to see her father before he gets married. “I want to inform my father that I am going to a good family,” Sreelakshmi said.