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Jayasurya will take Sajna’s biryani shop

Jayasurya helps Sajna's business

Sajna, a transgender woman, came facebook live yesterday to open up about her life’s misery. Many people in Kerala were annoyed by the woman who came live and spoke crying. “Many people do not allow themselves to sell biryani because they are transgender. Many people do not allow themselves to live by doing this because they have no other way to make a living. Many people do not allow themselves to make a living by doing this,” she said.

Sajna Shaji

Sajna Shaji

Kerala took over Sajna’s grief very quickly. Many people came to support Sajjana. Now actor Jayasurya has also come out in support of Sajna. Now Jayasurya will provide financial assistance to Sajana to run a biryani shop. Sajna, who went shopping with 150 packets of biryani the other day, was mentally abused by other street vendors and stopped selling. Sajjana sold only 20 biryani. That was the day Sajjana shared her difficulties in Facebook live.

Jayasurya HD Photos

Jayasurya HD Photos

Sajna Shaji came to Kochi 13 years ago. He began his life by begging on the train for survival. Once on the train, someone asked me if I had any other work to do and that I could not work and live. You can live by doing any job. I can do your home kitchen work though. Sajjana asked in return if she could buy a job that could be done with dignity. He silently gave Rs 100 to Sajna. It was then that Sajna realized why she could not become self-sufficient and decided to start a biryani business.

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