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Jaya Bachchan lost her cool and shouted at journalists for calling Aishwarya ‘Aishwarya’

The episode occurred at Subhash Ghai’s gathering which the saas-bahu jodi went to. After the gathering when the performing artists were going towards their auto, various columnists assembled around them asking for to posture for the camera. And keeping in mind that writers were endeavoring to address Aishwarya, mummy Bachchan supposedly lost cool and charged at the columnists.

According to reports, Jaya irately yelled, “Kya Aishwarya bula rahe ho, tumhare class mein padhti thi kya?” The writers were very stunned to see a generally quiet and amicable Jaya Bachchan losing her cool over something so trifling. We have frequently observed the youthful weapons of Bollywood lashing out at columnists, yet to see a veteran on-screen character lose her cool with the media was a disturbing sight all together.

Obviously, a noticeably humiliated ‘Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’ and Jaya left the scene not long after the dramatization unfurled.



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