Jai Bhim Movie Review; Suriya and Lijo Mol Jose win hearts with their performance, a must watch movie


Suriya has very beautifully shown the caste and the political issues happening in our country in the film. Reality makes one feel curious and this one out of all has a severe story to tell. You wouldn’t have the option to control if nature calls this time. That doesn’t mean the film doesn’t have any sense.

Cast: Lijo Mol Jose, Manikandan, Suriya, Rajisha Vijayan, Prakash Raj 
Director of film: T.J. Gnanavel

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Good about the movie

The acknowledgment that the minimized have confronted violations so insidious and that too for reasons unknown. It is a reminder as the last slide of the film says they keep on occurring. Suriya’s stunning film decisions and Lijo Mol Jose’s heart-breaking execution goes without saying.

Lijo Mol Jose
Lijo Mol Jose

Bad about the movie

That I didn’t have the foggiest idea about a man with such a wonderful history exists. The runtime is a bit more.

To Watch Or Not

There ought to not be anything that will prevent you from watching this show that breaks the generalization of outlining the hero as savior once more. Suriya is making perfect film decisions and merits all the recognition.
Language: Tamil (with captions).
Accessible on: Amazon Prime Video.
Runtime: 164 Minutes.
Suriya in Jai Bhim
Suriya in Jai Bhim

The story of Jai Bhim

It is 1994, Sengani (Lijo) and Rajakannu (Manikandan), a couple having a place with the Irulas, an ancestral local area in Chennai are carrying on with their existence with respect longing for an effective future. One day the town President is ransacked and by misfortune, Rajakannu is declared as the criminal. Here starts the open grandstand of police mercilessness, outrages, and the game of power crushing the marginalized that needs Chandru (Suriya) to make all the difference.


Jai Bhim Movie Review: Script Analysis

BR Ambedkar in one of his locations to the get together had said that up to one doesn’t accomplish social freedom, the opportunity given by the law is of no utilization to anybody. It’s been aged to the day, has much changed? It is safe to say that we are better people? Did the amazing quit persecute those who lack wealth? The appropriate response is a major NO. Named most properly, Jai Bhim featuring Suriya tends to all of this and that’s only the tip of the iceberg while recounting to us the narrative of a hero we ought to know about.

Suriya’s character of Justice Chandru is a man living illustration of how one should rehearse their voice and the stuff to cause it to hear stronger and more clear. Directed by T.J Gnanavel, the best thing about Jai Bhim is that it doesn’t make its driving man a Messiah. He doesn’t have the saviour complex. He also fears, but he allows his co to conquer it.

Director T.J. Gnanavel  and Tamil actor Suriya on Jai Bhim sets
Director T.J. Gnanavel  and Tamil actor Suriya on Jai Bhim sets
Besides, Jai Bhim has no legend except for scoundrels on a large scale. The screenplay is written such that you see typical individuals face the indecencies of the framework and either emerge from it by following through on a cost or dead. The basic outline has cops in a real sense isolating the ‘untouchables’ from individuals with a higher rank. Criminals are asked which rank they have a place with.
To cause you to understand the immensity of torment that Irulas went through during the 90s and still proceed to in many parts, he doesn’t race to present his large hero. Maybe he gives plentiful opportunity to the genuine characters who are experiencing the aggravation. You see a cheerful couple being obliterated by the men in power for wrongdoing they won’t ever do. Ladies are attacked as it doesn’t make any difference, men are killed as though rats and Irulas are exposed to all of this because their misstep is they were brought into the world locally.
The screenplay turns from a cheerful life to misfortune and finally the struggle to find dignity and empathy in a place that lacks both. It will shatter you?

Jai Bhim Movie Review: Star Performance

Lijo Mol Jose performance

Although Suriya is seen on all the movie posters and he should make this jewel of a film reach all over, yet the genuine legend of this film is Lijo Mol Jose. Lijo plays a pregnant lady who is searching for her better half while she initially conceived young lady is close by. She is innocent to know this world, yet the framework that goes after her even before they have their hands on the fundamental charge makes her what she never needed to be in any case. She isn’t Mardani solid, however, she is sufficiently able to not allow the men to break her soul. Lijo’s specialty in these 164 minutes merits each appreciation that comes to her direction.Jai Bhim

Manikandan performance
Rajakannu role played by Manikandan is another good performer. He is at no issue, yet he takes care of being from a specific local area. Manikandan figures out how to welcome the things of his reality on his back and it is apparent. The main dream he imparts to Sengani is building a house of bricks. Your heart will sink when she strolled into one, yet not with him. Suriya should be given an honor only for the projects he is deciding to back. First Soorarai Pottru and presently Jai Bhim. He has some way or another figured out how to keep his whiz picture to the side and mix into his character.

Jai Bhim Movie Review: Direction, Music

T.J Gnanavel toward him primarily zeroing in on telling the story outwardly. Since his story on paper is entirely solid and vigorous, to the point that a large portion of his work is as of now done. The rest half figure out how to appear through visual analogies. The Irulas simply permitted to get rodents out of the places of the rich, the absence of footwear amid the Irulas, etc. SR Kathir and his camera have helped him to make the film a great success. He utilizes his camera to show the inconsistencies the two networks stay in, in a similar town. While progress has contacted the rich, the minimized has no essence of it.  Sean Roldan’s has done music figures out how to raise the entire film with it.

Jai Bhim Movie Review: Watch Jai Bhim with a solid heart. This happened to certain individuals without a doubt. Racism, Caste, and political issues exist in many parts of the nation and films like these with individuals like Suriya backing them are imperative to educate.

Jai Bhim Movie Review Rating:

4 /5 star

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