Jagame Thandhiram film actor Soundararaja blessed with a baby girl

Entertainer Soundararaja, known for jobs in films like ‘Sundarapandiyan’, ‘Poojai’ and ‘Jagame Thandhiram‘ most as of late, has been blessed with a little daughter. Yesterday on November 14, 2021. Entertainer Soundaraja was married to Tamanna in 2018. Both the mother and the child appear to be fine. Soundaraja
Strangely, Soundaraja, who values the soil and the people, gave his kid a sapling as a gift. He further has said that the introduction of a child young lady on Children’s Day has given him gigantic bliss.

Sharing a photograph of himself alongside his significant other and new conceived child, entertainer Soundar posted in Tamil, which means, “This sapling is my first gift to my aspiring daughter who came to this earth today. My heartfelt thanks for your love and blessings.”

It is realized that apart from acting, the entertainer additionally keeps himself busy by indulging in some social services. He helps the underprivileged through his ‘Mannukum Makkalukkum’ welfare foundation.