Jagadish Also Explained The Experience Of Urvashi Becoming His Heroine

Jagadish is an actor who has entered the hearts of Malayalees regardless of age. He played a handful of funny characters. Most of the films starring Jagadish in the 90s were successful. Not only acting, but the actor has also taken a place behind the camera. He wrote the script for Mohanlal’s all-time mass film. Jagadish India Some of the things said in the interview given to Glitz are now going viral. His words are like this. The first thing he talked about was politics. It’s not something I’m comfortable with. The people of Pathanapuram told me that Jagadish should not come to politics. You need a lot of skills to be in politics.

Jagadish also explained the experience of Urvashi becoming his heroine when he was acting as the heroine of actors including Kamal Haasan. Urvashi is a very talented artist. Urvashi will handle both seriousness and comedy well. I was scared to act with Urvashi. Because when I look at Urvashi, I am junior.’ Urvashi was the heroine of Mammootty, Mohanlal, and Kamal Haasan. That’s when she came to play my heroine.