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IT Shock for Rashmika Mandanna; Officers of Income Tax Department attack on house in Virajpet

IT Raids On Rashmika Mandanna: Rashmika Mandanna’s home in Virajpet, Huttur, was attacked by Java IT authorities toward the beginning of the day. As of late there was an IT assault on the place of on-screen character Shivraj, Yash and Puneet Raj Kumar. Entertainer Rashmika Mandanna has assaulted the house.Sandalwood on-screen character Rashmika Mandanna has featured in a progression of Kannada ‘Kirik Party’ motion pictures. Rashmika’s most recent endeavor with Telugu entertainers is Telugu. IT officials were stunned to hear Rashmika was in the spotlight as of late when her as of late featuring job, ‘Sarileru Nikkevru’ was broadly lauded. IT authorities assaulted a living arrangement in Kodagu Virajpet and struck it.Rashmika Mandanna, who landed in Huttur Virajpet, by taxi in the first part of the day, was stunned by the abrupt appearance of the family. Nine officials from 3 vehicles assessed Rashmika’s home.IT authorities struck Rashmika’s home through police security. As of now, the telephone of the house was seized. All are auditing the record.His father Madan Mandanna was the main overcomer of Rashmika’s home during the IT assault. Every one of the benefits are additionally named after Madan Mandanna. Madan Mandanna claims a 50-section of land espresso estate in and around Virajpet, Serenity Hall in Virajpet. It is said that IT authorities have held onto the reports marked by Rashmika Mandanna.

Rashmika isn’t at home as she is going out for shooting. Rashmika, who is a Sandalwood and Tollywood multi-faceted on-screen character, has been giving a progression of hit motion pictures. Rashmika Mandanna’s ascent to Tollywood has seen a tremendous increment in her compensation since then.Recently there was an IT strike on the place of entertainer Shivraj, Yash and Puneet Raj Kumar. Personal Tax office authorities have additionally assaulted the place of on-screen character Rashmika Mandanna ,.Rashmika Mandanna who entered Sandalwood through Kirk Party Cinema, was later painted in Tollywood. As of late, Rashmika Mandanna featured in the motion picture ‘Sarileru Nikkevru’ with Mahesh Babu as the legend. Showing up as the most looked for after entertainer in Tollywood, push films are on her hands.

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