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Ira Khan reveals she was molested at the age of 14

Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s female offspring, Ira Khan, recently unfolded concerning her battle with depression. In another video, Ira has talked concerning her privileged upbringing, and the way despite that, she was diagnosed with affective disorder.

In a 10-minute long video she denote on Instagram, Ira mentioned that she was sexually abused once she was fourteen. She additionally talked concerning her parents’ divorce and the way it had been not one thing that traumatized her. “When i used to be fourteen, i used to be sexually harried. That was slightly associate odd scenario as I did not apprehend what that person was doing and if they knew what they were doing. It wasn’t happening a day.

thus it took Pine Tree State a year to make sure that they knew what they’re doing which is what they’re doing. at once I wrote my oldsters associate email and got myself out of matters. Once i used to be out of matters, I did not feel dangerous any longer. I wasn’t afraid. I felt like this is often not happening to Pine Tree State any longer and it’s over. and that i rapt on. it had been not one thing that has scarred Pine Tree State always and one thing that would create Pine Tree State feel dangerous,

” Ira Khan same. Talking regarding the privileges she has had growing up, being Aamir Khan’s girl, Ira additional that she thought she had to upset her issues on her own. “I ne’er spoke to anyone regarding something as a result of I assumed that my privilege meant I ought to handle my stuff on my very own, or if there was one thing larger, it might create individuals want a far better answer than “I do not know.

” It created American state want I required a far better answer and till I had that answer, my feelings weren’t one thing I ought to hassle anyone else with. No drawback was large enough to contemplate too long regarding. What would anyone do? I had everything. What would anyone say? I had same it all,” she said.

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