Innocent And Mamukoya Are Lessons For Us Sai Kumar

Actor Sai Kumar shares memories of Mamukoya. Mamukoya was an honest man. He was a good friend and a natural person who did not hold grudges against anyone. Even when he found out that he had a heart attack, he thought he would come back. We had a friendship that cannot be explained in words. Many memories go through my mind. The call of Balakrishna is still ringing in my ears. He and I came to the cinema for the play as well. I can’t bear this pain. Sai Kumar said that Innocentetan and Mamukoya were textbook experiences.

Sai Kumar said that Mamukoya is a person who came to the cinema through a lot of difficulties and when he hears the story of people like him, he feels the need to do better films. I came to the cinema without much trouble. I had my share of troubles. When Mamukoya says that, I realize that it was all my fault. During our time together we used to discuss many things with him. It is when we hear their story that we feel the need to repair and repair again. None of us know even a fraction of the sacrifices that they all went through. They all have so much experience in all subjects. Innocentetan and Mamukoya are lessons for us, said Sai Kumar.