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How about dress up in pregnancy? For the third time, Lisa opens her secret to become a mother

Actress Lisa Hayden is going to be the mother of her third child soon. While enjoying this pregnancy phase, she continues to express her feelings on social media. Lisa has shared her latest photos of flaunting baby bump. With this, he also talked about his dressing sense in pregnancy.Lisa-Hayden-baby-bump
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Lisa has shared the first picture in a green outfit with her son Leo in her lap. With this she writes – ‘After three pregnancy I came to know how to dress the baby bump. And I am still struggling with it. I know many of you must be thinking that I hardly wear anything during pregnancy which is also true. I have subscribed to ‘Don’t fit anything, don’t wear anything’.Lisa-Hayden-baby-bump

‘Well, with four consecutive years of shapeshifting and this will probably be my last pregnancy, I thought I should talk about what fit me. This is the dress that I often wear in the evening to go out on any occasion. It is super strong and one thing purchased during this pregnancy. ‘I have worn clothes that can be worn with and without baby bump so that it can be used for a long time. These days Leo does not get off my lap, so if anyone shoots, then he becomes a family affair ‘.Lisa-Hayden-baby-bump

Lisa-Hayden-baby-bumpLisa shared her second picture in a black dress. With this she wrote- ‘The tent dress … I feel very good in this silhouette. This is one of my casual outfits. Fit at the top and lots of space at the bottom. I forget how much space I am taking these days. Lisa Hayden’s photoshoot on pregnancy outfits is fantastic, as well as making trouble statements about her clothes in the note, has told Lisa in a very fun way.Lisa-Hayden-baby-bump

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