Has Sobhita Dhulipala secretly married in spite of dating Chay?


Fans of Sobhita Dhulipala, the Ponniyin Selvan 1 actress who is rumored to be dating Naga Chaitanya, thought she had wed. No, she hasn’t, but the misconception arose after she uploaded a number of images touting Dubai as the ideal location for weddings.

Sobhita dressed up as a stunning bride in the photos and posed with models for “wedding pictures” in Dubai. She was seen in the first photo walking down the aisle with a groom at her side as guests showered them with flowers. In the second, she appeared to be photographing for a pre-wedding session. In one of the photos, she was also seen posing in a market area.

The images were intended to show followers how Dubai may work as a lovely wedding destination. However, some of her followers failed to see the campaign’s details in her description and assumed that Sobhita had secretly wed. “For a second I thought your marriage images are here,” a social media user commented. “FOR TWO MINS I THOUGHT SOBHITA GOT MARRIED BYE,” a fan wrote. “The way my heart skipped a beat,” a third fan said. “Bro, I thought you got married,” another fan added.


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On her Instagram Stories, Shobita shared a ‘lol’ in response to the comments. A source close to the actors shared that Chaitanya and Sobhita had lately been seen visiting the actor’s new house and were at ease with one another. “Chay and Sobhita seemed very comfortable in each other’s company as they spent time at the actor’s new house. Naga Chaitanya was giving her a tour of his massive home. After a few hours, they left together in the same car,” the source said.

While Chaitanya’s responses to inquiries regarding Sobhita led some fans to believe the rumors are true, neither Chaitanya nor Sobhita confronted them.