Jeethu Joseph Finally Revealed About The Movie ‘Drisham 3’!!

The Mohanlal-Jeethu Joseph combo is a huge hit in Malayalam cinema. With the first and second parts of the movie Drishyam becoming a hit, the audience is looking forward to the third part of the film. Now things that Jeethu Joseph himself said about the movie are going viral.

Jeethu Joseph said in an interview granted to The Q Studio that I am working on the Drishyam 3 script.. but I don’t know if it will happen. I am working on the scene 3 script but don’t know if it will work. He revealed in the interview that I start writing on paper only when I have the confidence to write after working on the script in my mind and the framework is complete.

Jeethu Joseph says that he still has a few stories in his mind, but he can’t say whether all of them will become films. The first ideas that come to mind are written down in a notebook. Meanwhile, Kooman is Jeethu Joseph’s upcoming film. Asif Ali is playing the lead role in the film. After that, Jeethu Joseph’s film starring Mohanlal is Ram.