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Genelia D’Souza is celebrating her birthday today


Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza are unquestionably one of Bollywood’s cutest couples. Riteish and Genelia epitomize what unadulterated love is. The mere sight of this stunning duo makes our hearts race. The two have a deep bond despite their cultural divides. On the set of their 2003 Bollywood film Tujhe Meri Kasam, Riteish and Genelia had their first encounter. And on February 3, 2012, after over ten years of dating, the pair got married. As the actress celebrates her birthday today, we will share with you the nicest present she has recently received from her husband Riteish.

Genelia held a “Ask Me Anything” session on her Instagram stories on June 15. She answered questions about her personal life as well as some of her upcoming ventures. A fan questioned the Force actress during the Q&A session, ‘Ma’am what is the best gift you have received from Riteish Sir?’ The actress shared a photo of her two young children, Rahyl and Riaan Deshmukh, dressed in a football jerseys.

For the uninitiated, Genelia had preconceived notions about Riteish before meeting him because of his ties to a powerful political family. But she didn’t fully appreciate Riteish’s great modesty until they started interacting. She stated in an interview that she found it “endearing” as he was utterly down to earth and respectful of her parents and elders despite being the CM’s son. And some things, as they say, are just meant to be. The two had developed a lovely friendship during the filming that finally developed into love. The devoted couple wed in 2012 and welcomed their son Riaan Deshmukh on November 25, 2014, marking their first parenting experience. Genelia and Riteish welcomed their second baby, Rahyl Deshmukh in 2016.

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