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Thursday September 21, 2023 : 6:30 PM
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Gautham Menon and GV Prakash acting together in a new film

Gautham Vasudev Menon and GV Prakash are acting together in a forthcoming activity spine chiller named Selfie, which is coordinated by debutant Mathi Maran, a previous partner of Vetri Maaran. “This is a school story, however rotates around episodes that occur outside the grounds. Undergrads have a day-to-day existence outside of their grounds, and it is one part of their lives that I have addressed,” starts the producer, who adds that Varsha Bollamma of 96 popularity plays the female lead in this film. Gautam Menon

On casting GV Prakash, he says, “He is one of the very few heroes today who can carry off the role of a college student, so I felt he would be apt for the role.” However, he gets cagey about Gautham Menon’s character in the film. “All I can say for now is that I wouldn’t call him the antagonist. This will not be a typical film about the face-off between a hero and a villain. The world of Selfie is bigger and many characters will play crucial roles in the script,” he says.

The chief has roped in veteran entertainer Vagai Chandrasekar for a critical role in the film. “He is somebody who looks like my own dad. Additionally, he is an astonishing entertainer and can cart away mentor-like jobs well indeed. I’m an enthusiast of his screen presence and I have taken advantage of it in my own specific manner in this film,” he says.Selfie movie

Guna, a newbie, will likewise be found in the job of a companion of GV Prakash’s person. “This character will be a fulcrum to the plot. The story revolves around the characters played by GV Prakash, Gautham Menon, Vagai Chandrasekar, and Guna,” he informs.

The title, Selfie, is a representation, he says. “I can guarantee you that I have not utilized this word as the title since it is a well-known term nowadays,” he adds.

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