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Fans are Pround to Rashmika Madanna. Here is the Reason!

rashmika (4)
rashmika (4)

Rashmika Mandanna is a one of the most talented, yet most youngest actress of the Southern film industry. She has dependably figured out how to be in the news be it for her splendid acting aptitudes, great looks and certain debates. However, nothing can prevent Rashmika from being the fans’ top pick. Recently, her fans took to Social Media to share one of the great deeds she’s involved in and stated, they are amazingly glad for her. The actress after finding out about this, said she’s somewhat amazed. Read below to know more if you’re wondering what we are talking about!

Recently, some of her fans spotted her helping the needy. They captured the moment and shared it on social media. They said they are proud of Rashmika for having been involved in something so heart-warming and demanded her to give more details about the social service she’s involved in.

Cute rashmika

Kirik Party actress was rather surprised to know that her fans were aware of what she was doing. Reacting to this she said, ” I was deeply hurt watching families suffer every day. These families have members suffering from cancer and poverty. I did what I felt was right. That’s it”. We couldn’t be more proud of her either!

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