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Fahadh Fazil revealed his first love with a heartfelt note!

Fahadh Fazil revealed his first love

Fahadh Faasil, the beloved actor of Mollywood, talks about his love affair with Nazriya as well as his life in a heartwarming way. Fahadh explains that he escaped from the accident during the shooting of the movie Malayan Kunju and in a post related to Malik’s release, he told Nazriya about his love life and his current life. It’s the seventh anniversary of the movie Bam Glur Days. The film brings back many fond memories of falling in love with Nazriya and starting a life together. I expressed my love for Nazriya by giving her a letter in my handwriting and a ring. Nazriya did not say yes or no. I acted in Bam Glur Days along with two other films. Acting in three movies at the same time is suicidal. Back then I realized that going back to the location of Bam Glur Days, I loved spending time with Nazriya. Nazriya has had to give up a lot of things in life since she decided to live with me. Nazriya would say, “Hello, method actor, who do you think you are?” It’s just one simple life. pack your bags with everyone and everything you need ”. It has been seven years since our marriage.Fahad-Fazil and Nazriya

Nazriya would repeat that question of who you think you are when I still forget about the TV in the remote bathroom. The last seven years have been more supportive than I deserve. We work together, support each other and stand as a family. I just got three stitch marks on my nose in the accident. These are the smallest injuries in the accident. Sometimes it will be there for a while, or all the time. The way I have adopted in life is to always be learning. That’s what gave me the courage to admit I didn’t know. It was only after I started living with Nazriya that I started to have achievements. I did not do any of this alone.

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