Enemy movie reviews; starrer Arya and Vishal

Enemy movie starring Vishal & Arya
Two good friends split because of end up on inverse limits of morality and face each other in a good vs evil war. Thus the named ENEMY.

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Vishal, Arya , Mamta Mohandas , Mirnalini Ravi, Prakash Raj, Karunakaran, Thambi Ramaiah
Anand Shankar
However there have been numerous Tamil movies that have managed the friends turned-enemy format, Enemy attempts to offer a novel, new thing. It’s continually intriguing to see two differentiating characters engaged with a wait-and-see game on the screen and it has worked somewhat, with two action heroes — Vishal and Arya. Director Anand Shankar, with Enemy, remains again in his usual range of familiarity and presents a jazzy activity thrill ride.
The film starts with an ex-CBI official (Prakash Raj) preparing two children (his child and his neighbor’s child) to make them skilled at an extremely youthful age. His fantasy is to make them join the police power and transform them into effective officials in better positions. However, these two kids would betray one another, setting the stage for the film’s plot.
Vishal and Arya in the movie Enemy
Vishal and Arya in the movie Enemy
Chozhan (Vishal) claims a general store in Singapore and assists the Tamil people group in his territory with all the information that he had acquired in his youth. Much to his dismay that he will experience (Arya) in one of the attempts foiling an assassination.
The film takes off from here, as both rejoin for an epic duel. The philosophy behind the film on how a youngster grows up to be a positive or negative individual looks fascinating on paper, however, how these inconsistencies have been interpreted on screen through the circumstances in the last option half looks grim. On the off chance that the development to this thought had been new, this action thriller might have gone a mile further and functioned admirably. The heartfelt parts don’t enhance this high-speed story; in any case, Mirnalini Ravi as Ashmitha has done equity to the job. She looks satisfying to the eye and is most certainly somebody to keep an eye out for.
Each time when Arya and Vishal experience one another, the reason ends up being unsurprising, notwithstanding the adrenaline surge that is set up before their go head to head. Likewise, when you anticipate that their clash should contain brains and insight, it just winds up being a conventional vengeance show.
Arya as Rajiv looks awesome and threatening. His person holds the crowd with its fury. Provided that the composing had been minimal better, his job might have perhaps been one of the most incredible reprobate demonstrations. Vishal, as well, experiences the hopes and does equity to his job. Sam CS’s background score is powerful and looks suited for an epic action drama. RD Rajasekhar’s visuals add up to the hype and the cuts (Raymond Derrick Crasta is the editor) look fast-paced for an engaging thriller. The stunt sequence in the climax is neatly done and deserves a mention.
The enemy could have been better if some of the cliched sequences had been avoided.