Dreamed Of Shahrukh Khan Calling To Congratulate Her After Seeing The Chathuram

Swasika is an actress who first appeared on the mini screen and won the hearts of the Malayalees and later became the heroine on the big screen. Swasika played powerful roles in Malayalam films using her own talent. Swasika won the hearts of the audience through the TV serial Chintavishthaya Seetha. Swasika’s role as Selena in the Siddharth Bharatan-directed movie Chaturam has received a lot of criticism.

The hero of this film was Roshan Mathew. Roshan Mathew went from the shooting location of the movie Chaturam to acting in the Bollywood movie Darlings. Shah Rukh Khan is the hero in that film. That’s why Swasika told Roshan to show Shahrukh Khan the teaser of Chaturam. Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt will be there, so Swasika told Roshan to show them along.

But Swasika now says that Roshan has not shown any of them the teaser. The film was planned for an OTT release. Swasika said in an interview that she dreamed of Shah Rukh calling her after watching the movie Chaturam.