Director Jude Antony Joseph Begs For Forgiveness Over His Offensive Remarks Towards Antony Varghese

Director Jude Antony Joseph has apologized for his remarks against Antony Varghese. Jude said he felt guilty about what he had said and that he didn’t even know if it was true about Anthony’s sister’s marriage.

‘I have made many enemies with my tongue. I feel guilty for talking about poor Pepe. It was said that her daughter’s wedding was done with the money received from the movie advance. But he didn’t even know it was true. The tone and what was said were wrong, and Pepe’s sister and family must have been in a lot of trouble, and I apologized to them. I called them to tell them but didn’t get through. I was thinking about that producer. I have seen him, his wife, and his children crying. It was said then. The anger that was not inside came out. It was terribly expensive,” Judd said. Jude’s response was in an interview with Radio Mango.