Dilsha Finally Opened Up About Her Love With Ramzan

 The Malayalam Bigg Boss Season 4 reality show is over, and some of the rifts and rifts that started there are still burning. There were fights between the Bigg Boss stars and even after exiting Bigg Boss, those fights are rekindled. Dilsha Prasannan was the winner of Bigg Boss season four. Dilsha is the first Bigg Boss lady winner in Malayalam. Questions arise about whether Dilsha really deserves this success. Dilsha is active on social media. Dilsha’s dance videos with Bigg Boss contestant Ramzan are going viral on social media.
Now people are doubting whether Ramzan and Dilsha are in love. Dilsha gave an answer to this in an interview given to Milestone Makers.

Dilsha says this kind of rumor comes from whoeverI am with. I saw the thumbnail of a video where I talked about my wedding. Dilsha says I went there to dance, why do I need to talk about my wedding there. Similarly, when he saw the picture of Ramzan and Dilsha standing on a stage holding the mic, he did not feel like opening it because he understood that there would be no coconut in it. Those who put thumbnails like this should be accepted. Ramzan does not take this seriously. I saw above a video that Ramzan and I have been in love for nine months.