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Checkout why no Bollywood stars came to help Sonu Sood during his IT raid ???


For his charity work during the troublesome occasions, Sonu Sood was named as ‘messiah’ for helping defenseless traveler laborers to arrive at their homes in such unforgiving periods.

Sonu Sood as of late went under the radar of the Income-charge division; the I-T authorities supposedly charged him for Rs 20 Crore tax avoidance. The entertainer alongside his partners was in doubt as in excess of 28 properties of Happy New Year entertainer were struck. In spite of the fact that netizens were remaining firmly close by, in a new meeting, he discussed not getting sufficient help from Bollywood. During the worldwide lockdown brought about by COVID-19 last year, Sonu Sood had helped numerous outsiders from various states to arrive at their homes securely as taxpayer-driven organizations were shut.

Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood

In an interview Sonu Sood shared that he was not expecting any support from the Bollywood industry, he said, “Who will come to support when guests are sitting at your house. Whenever the guests come, no one from the industry is going to come. People do listen and they feel. You don’t know how many of them would stand with you. But one would think about this if one is expecting people to come out in support and shout slogans for you. I never expected anything and therefore no one came out to support me. Also, I don’t think people bother to support or raise their voice for anybody who might be in trouble with the authorities. Or why a person is being harassed? I don’t think anyone has ever raised a voice in such a situation. I think the world is still the same and we have always been a part of it.”

Sonu Sood 1

Sonu Sood

Essentially, when Kangana Ranaut’s office was getting destroyed by BMC even she didn’t get any help from Bollywood, discussing something similar, Sonu Sood shared, Sonu Sood shared, “Kangana’s matter was a different case. This is a completely different matter and someone else might be dealing with a different matter too. I believe your voice must come from within. Some will speak their mind and heart and some won’t. But yes, coming out and offering open support was never a legacy. They were all there. This is a sensitive field and the past one and a half years have been too sensitive for Bollywood too.”


Kangana Ranaut

Post Income charge strikes, the entertainer said that the government authorities were profoundly intrigued with his reports as they couldn’t discover anything wrong and asserted they had the smoothest 4 days of raid. The entertainer added I asked them – have you at any point seen this sort of documentation, subtleties, desk work? They said no… they were additionally content with whatever they were seeing. They said it was the smoothest four days of assaults for them.”

For his cause work during the troublesome occasions, Sonu Sood was named as ‘messiah’ for helping vulnerable transient specialists to arrive at their homes in such cruel periods.

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