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Check Out Which Indian Actresses Are Lesbean !

Lesbian on-screen characters in bollywood – Bollywood is known for each little reason and is extremely open about relationships and hetero relationship and big names.

Presently a days heterosexually is consider exceptionally ordinary and one can transparently discuss their gay relationship out in the open.

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about lesbian?

Why it is not consider typical in Bollywood? Lesbian relationship are seldom even alluded to or expected!.

Be that as it may, ever known about two Bollywood performers, attaching and notwithstanding hanging out together as a ‘couple’? Hereis the rundown of Lesbian on-screen characters in bollywood.

Lesbian performing artists in bollywood –

1 – Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey is an extremely celebrated name of Bollywood and her looks are something god skilled to her. Her magnificence can make any individual succumb to her. Yet, her most recent pictures with her cutie had broken numerous hearts! She was spotted kissing her cutie at the gathering.

2 – Mink Brar

A large portion of us have found out about the terms heteros, gay people and bisexuals yet Mink Brar laughs at such labels imagined by society – for she is neither of the three. “I’m a lesbian,” says she, “Yet that doesn’t imply that I might be a lesbian until the end of time.

Mmm… Mink Brar is befuddled about her sexuality.

3 – Paoli Dam

Paolo dam with her female friend was as of late featured in a film together in Bollywood, have discovered love in each other. The newspaper likewise says “that both of the females are open about her friendship for each other.”

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