Vikram Vedha makers deny reports of Hrithik Roshan refusing to shoot in UP


Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan’s Vikram Vedha is one of the most expected movies of the year. It is based on the Indian classic story of Vikram and Betaal and follows the tale of an intense cop who embarks to find and kill a similarly intense criminal. The film is the official Hindi remake of R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi’s Tamil film of a same name. It is scheduled to be helmed by movie producer pair Pushkar and Gayathri, who likewise helmed the first.

Prior, there were media reports doing rounds via virtual entertainment that the producers had a timetable arranged in UP and were supposedly quick to shoot the film in the paths of the state. But, the spending plan of Vikram Vedha was multiplied after Hrithik wouldn’t shoot in UP and urged the producers to showcase the UP lanes by setting up huge sets in Dubai. Reliance Entertainment, who is co-producing the film, reacted to the rumors and issued an official statement, and called it, ‘false.’

The assertion read: “We have been noticing a lot of misleading and totally unsubstantiated reporting on Vikram Vedha shoot locations. We clearly want to state that Vikram Vedha has been shot extensively in India, including Lucknow. A portion of the film was shot in the United Arab Emirates in October-November of 2021 since it was the only location providing infrastructure for a bio-bubble that accommodated a crew of such scale, also allowing the building of sets in a studio during the preceding months of the shoot. We chose to do that out of health and protocol concerns. Any attempts to twist this set of facts are clearly mischievous and untruthful. Also, we would like to emphatically state that at Reliance Entertainment while we welcome suggestions from the creative talent, the production and budgetary decisions are a centralized prerogative.”

Look at Vikram Vedha producers’ true assertion:

The film additionally stars Radhika Apte, Rohit Saraf, and Yogita Bihani. It is planned to release on 30 September 2022.