On International Lefthanders Day 2022 check the famous B-town celebs who are left-handed


According to numerous sources, 10% of the world’s population is known to be left-handed in a world where most people are right-handed. International Lefthanders Day is observed on August 13 each year to honour this special human skill. On this day, attention is brought to the minority of left-handed youngsters and their unique requirements. Being left-handed has benefits and drawbacks of its own, just like the two sides of a coin.

Globally recognised figures like Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth, Ratan Tata, Sachin Tendulkar, and others are left-handed. A number of well-known individuals from around the world, including Charlie Chaplin, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Lady Gaga, are left-handed. In honour of International Lefthanders Day in 2022, the following is a list of celebrities who are left-handed.

Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh-bachan-wants-to-retOver the course of his career spanning five decades, the enduring actor has taken on a number of unusual roles. He not only appears on television but also hosts Kaun Banega Crorepati, one of the nation’s oldest game shows. There is no denying that the superstar has left an unmatched legacy in the Hindi cinema business. The actor who has ruled the Hindi film industry is a left-handed person.

Karan Johar

Karan-Johar-Karan Johar transitioned from directing films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kal Ho Naa Ho to producing a number of big-budget blockbusters. He has tested his acting chops on big screen in addition to serving as a host and a judge on a number of reality TV shows. The well-known individual who is the proprietor of the renowned Dharma Productions performs the majority of his tasks with his left hand.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi-36Sonakshi Sinha, who made her Bollywood debut in the action movie Dabangg with Salman Khan, has gone a long way. Sonakshi has been able to carve out a position for himself in the entertainment industry with films like Mission Mangal and Force 2 in her resume. The actress is one of the few left-handed Bollywood actresses and has a number of upcoming projects.

Aditya Roy Kapur

Aditya-Roy-KapoorAfter the release of his romantic film Aashiqui 2 with actress Shraddha Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur became a huge sensation. In the entertainment world, the actor is renowned for his physically fit appearance and macho demeanour. Aditya Roy Kapur is a left-handed individual.