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Bigg Boss Tamil On Day 41, Oviya leaves the house

On Day 41, Oviya says that she badly wants to get out of the house. She makes frequent visits to the confession room sharing her feelings and seems confused all night about staying back or leaving the house. Late in the night, she tells housemates that love makes people do crazy things. She even wakes up the housemates in the middle of the night.

Julie has been eliminated from Kamal Haasan-hosted Bigg Boss Tamil. She along with Vaiyapuri was in the danger zone after Oviya walked out of the show over health issues.

She had entered the house without a film or TV background and enjoyed good support from the viewers in the initial weeks. But she lost the love that earned from the public after she spread lies about Oviya and decided to be in the Gayathri’s side.

“I request them (Bigg Boss team) not to repeat such activities on the show hereafter. If it happens again, this show is not important to me,” Indian Express quoted Mr Haasan as saying.

Kamal Haasan clarified on the issue, saying that he was not part of planning the day-to-day activities in the Bigg Boss house. “The task that made fun of mentally challenged people was not in a good taste. And I’m actually angry about it. We all have social responsibilities,” Indian Express quoted Kamal Haasan as saying.

“You may ask me, why have you not acted a mentally disturbed person in your films? That type of character in my films will not be used for comic relief. He will be the protagonist,” he added.


On Saturday, Tamil actress Oviya walked out of the show citing mental health issues. She had allegedly attempted suicide on the show.

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