Bigg Boss Malayalam 5: Former Contestants Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan and Rajith Kumar Set to Enter as Wildcards!

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 has been progressing with great excitement. However, after 50 days, the show’s ratings are trailing behind previous seasons, causing concerns among viewers. Currently, thirteen contestants are fiercely competing for the coveted title within the house. This week, Anjuz Rosh faced elimination due to a lack of audience support. The audience has expressed their disappointment, perceiving Season 5 as less engaging compared to previous seasons of Bigg Boss Malayalam.

The house witnesses some liveliness only during the weekly tasks, while it tends to become dull once the tasks conclude. This has resulted in a decline in viewership, with the audience losing interest in watching the show live. Over the past few weeks, viewers have been demanding a solution and the introduction of dynamic wildcards to rejuvenate Season 5. So far, three wildcards have made their entry, including Hanan Hamid and Omar Lulu, who couldn’t sustain their stay and were subsequently eliminated. The third wildcard, Anu Joseph, has been met with doubts regarding her performance.

Dr Robin Radhakrishnan (12)
Dr Robin Radhakrishnan

In response to viewers’ constant requests, the Bigg Boss team has taken their concerns seriously. The team has assured that former contestants from previous seasons will enter the house this week, aiming to infuse fresh energy into Season 5. A promo aired after the recent weekend episode, revealing silhouettes of two individuals, creating a buzz on social media. The speculated names of ex-contestants making a comeback include Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan, who garnered significant audience support in the last season, and Rajith Kumar, known for his strong presence in Season 2. Another name in the mix is Riyas Salim, who emerged as a standout wildcard entry in the fourth season.

This development marks a significant first in Malayalam Bigg Boss history, as former contestants enter the house for the first time. In Tamil and Hindi versions, ex-contestants have frequently returned, bringing about dynamic shifts in the show’s dynamics. The duration of the ex-contestants’ stay in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 remains uncertain. It will become clearer in the coming days whether their presence will be a game-changer after a few days or if they will remain for the remaining fifty days of the season. Regardless, the return of these ex-contestants is sure to add an exciting twist to the show, captivating viewers’ attention.

In conclusion, Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 has acknowledged viewers’ demand for more engaging content. The introduction of strong wildcard entries from previous seasons, such as Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan and Rajith Kumar, signals a turning point for the season. The anticipation surrounding their return is evident, with fans and audience members actively predicting and discussing their potential impact on the show. While the exact duration of their stay is yet to be revealed, their presence is expected to revitalize the house and inject new life into Season 5, offering a much-needed boost to the overall excitement of Bigg Boss Malayalam.