Bigg Boss fame Julie’s glamorous beach photoshoot turns viral

One of the favored and most talked concerning contestants of the primary season of the Bigg Boss reality program in Tamil was Julie, WHO had entered the show as someone WHO participated ferociously in Jallikattu protest that cause her videos and photos turning microorganism.

Julie was principally known as as Jallikattu Julie and once collaborating within the show got detected for her constant misunderstandings with contestants like Gayatri Raghuram, Shakti and Oviya and for many Kurumpadams.Julie got committed in movies like capital of Jordan Thaayi, Anitha biopic etc once Bigg Boss.

currently Julie is frequently doing photoshoots and has currently shared a exciting photoshoot within the beach, clad in a very black apparel and these exciting photos of Julie have turned microorganism.