Bhumika Gurung gets stalked, lodges objection with digital cell !!

While it is a fan who makes a star, now and again, performers are additionally subjected to mental and passionate torment by certain sick fans. The most recent performing artist who confronted such issues is Bhumika Gurung, the lead on-screen character of the show ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ that pretense on Star Bharath. According to a report in The Times of India, Bhumika has been stalked since recent weeks with incalculable telephone calls. The fan has even made a phony Instagram profile, where he transfers her photos and that of her loved ones. He labels everybody in the photos. It appears the telephone calls started from the day, the principal promo of the show went on air. The show discusses a somewhat air-headed town dame who gets named as the Mukhiya (town head) by possibility.

In a statement to The Times of India, Bhumika said, “In the beginning, I felt that my friends were playing a prank on me and entertained the calls . However, I soon realised that he is mad. Apart from sending me lots of messages, he would call me at least five-six times in a day. He also accessed my personal pictures on social media and created a fake Instagram account in my name. I have finally lodged a complaint with the cyber crime cell in Mumbai.” The actress was crowned as Miss Hong Kong Nepal in 2016 and moved to Mumbai to pursue an acting career. She has worked in Channel V’s Gumraah and MTV’s youth shows. This is her debut in a lead role in a fictional show.

Bhumika, feels that privacy is important in social media as well. She says, “Why have a social media account if your pictures start circulating on the internet and your phone number gets leaked?” She adds, “Just because actresses post glam pics on social media, it doesn’t give anyone the right to stalk them. Even if I post a nude picture, no one has the right to put me through so much trouble. Those who say that it is normal for actresses to get stalked are immature. Nobody can invade another person’s privacy.