BBK 9: Nawaz Psych, A Common Boy selected to Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9! Do you know about Nawaz’s difficult life!

No matter what Kannada movies are released in the last few days.. the only voice heard in front of the theaters is Nawaz..! Saik Nawaz used to watch Kannada movies and used to stand in front of the media and give reviews in a rhyming manner..! Nawaz was born and brought up in Bangalore. Nawaz grew up in Laggere, Yashwantpur and attended a Kannada medium government school.

Currently studying B.Com first year in First Grade Rajajinagar College. His friends call him ‘Psych Nawaz’. Nawaz’s father Baba John is a bike mechanic. Mother Faria is a housewife. His Father works as a daily wage worker in a garage. He gets a salary of 400 rupees per day. They have to make ends meet from the garage.

Whenever it rains, the house gets filled with water. They live in a house like that. Nawaz says that he has suffered a lot. When the rent of 1000 rupees is not paid for the house, it is like locking the house when the owner comes. It is as if the entire Nawaz family has been thrown out by the house owner due to non-payment of rent. Nawaz scored 88 marks in Kannada in SSLC exam. As he was about to commit suicide because of the fear of failing in maths. It is like asking the teacher to ‘pass’ at the end of the paper when there is a failure. Then he gets 35 marks.

Nawaz’s father is crazy about movies. Nawaz, who was watching movies with his father, also became obsessed with movies. “It doesn’t matter if I haven’t eaten, I have to watch a movie,” Nawaz says, watching a movie with the money that his father used to give him for lunch. On Friday, Nawaz bunks in the college and goes to the cinema. He wants to become an actor. Nawaz is responsible for paying his father’s debt of Rs 7-8 lakh. He Goes to Anjaneya temple on Saturday and visit Sai Baba on Thursday. Nawaz said, I pray and go to church.