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Barbie Oppenheimer The Battle For Box Office Supremacy Ends With A Clear Winner

The global box office is currently witnessing a massive showdown between two Hollywood films, Oppenheimer and Barbie, which were released worldwide together this weekend. Despite being in different genres, both movies have managed to attract a large audience to theaters. Barbie, a fantasy comedy directed by Greta Gerwig, has taken the lead in terms of box office collections. On Thursday alone, it earned an impressive $41.4 million (approximately Rs 339 crore) from 51 countries. It is worth noting that Barbie was released in 57 countries, indicating a strong international presence.

On the other hand, Oppenheimer, an epic biographical thriller directed by Christopher Nolan, also had a promising start at the box office, but it fell short compared to Barbie’s earnings. The film collected $15.7 million (approximately Rs 129 crore) on Thursday, making it a substantial opening, though not as high as Barbie’s.Both films are expected to have a phenomenal first weekend, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday collections likely to further boost their box office success. The competition between these two Hollywood films is being closely watched, as the clash of different genres has created an exciting box office war. As the weekend progresses, the audience’s response and overall box office performance will determine which film comes out on top.

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