Banning Of Shine Nigam  The E-mail Of The Actor Who Asked For Prominence In The Poster Is Out

A copy of the e-mail that led to actor Shine Nigam’s film ban is out. In the e-mail, Shine says that he wants to give importance to the poster and promotion of the film. Asianet News has received an email sent by Shine Nigam to producer Sophia Paul. In the e-mail, it is said that he must adhere to the contract that he will play the main character in the finished film and that he should be given importance in the poster and promotion. In this mail came the complaint against Shine Nigam.

Meanwhile, actor Srinath Bhasi has applied to get membership in the star organization Amma Sangthan after the ban by film associations. Srinath Bhasi applied at Amma’s headquarters in Kalur.