Baburaj post about Vani Viswanath, ‘My evertime superstar’!


Vani Viswanath and Baburaj are two people who have earned a special place in the minds of Malayalees. Audiences like to describe Vani, who shines in stunt-action movies, as the queen of action. Baburaj, who once garnered attention through his villainous roles, is how amazing to the audience by turning to character roles. Now, Baburaj is sharing a beautiful picture with Vani Viswanath. This picture was taken while working out with Vani at the gym. “My evertime superstar,” Baburaj described Vani.Vani Viswanath with BaburajVani Viswanath with Baburaj

Vani Viswanath is not active in acting after marriage. Vani lives at home in Chennai to study with her children Ardra and Archa. Vani is not active on social media either. That’s why the fans have taken a picture of the couple together.