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Baahubali fan tries to mirror Prabhas’ elephant stunt, gets flung noticeable all around. Watch video !!

Baahubali eliphant

In a viral video that surfaced on November 13, a fanatic of the blockbuster film Baahubali 2 is seen attempting to mimic the scene where Prabhas is seen posturing fearlessly on an elephant. It is a piece of Amarendra Baahubali’s early on scene in the film.

As per a report in Newsminute, the fan went live from his Facebook account, and the occurrence happened on November 13 at 3 pm. In the video, he is seen moved toward the elephant and encouraging it bananas. At that point he appears to hold a discussion with the elephant, and everything looks fine and dandy.

As he tries to hold the creature’s tusk to jump on it, the elephant flings him away. A couple of moments later, we see the man lying folded 10 feet away. The video was apparently shot in Thodupuzha, Idukki locale in Kerala. Out of sight, we additionally hear another man cautioning the fan that he shouldn’t approach the elephant as he is flushed. He says over and over, “Don’t go, the elephant will get frantic.”

The video was brought down from Facebook, however has circulated around the web regardless. The man, Jinu John, is apparently conceded in the healing facility for treatment.It is additionally hazy if the man endeavored to reproduce an indistinguishable posture from Prabhas in the film, or in the event that he simply needed to do his adaptation. It was likewise revealed that the fan saw the elephant while he was en route to some place with companions, and chose to experiment with the trick.

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