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‘Baahubali didn’t spend a penny on promotion, but did’, Rajamouli’s revelation goes viral

baahubali rajamouli
Baahubali is a Brahmanda film directed by Rajamouli starring Prabhas. This film came in two parts. Recently there were news that Rajamouli is coming back with the animated series Baahubali The Crown of Blood. Now Rajamouli’s words at the announcement ceremony are going viral.
“We have not spent any money on the promotion of Baahubali. That money was also set aside for the production of the film. We used our brains and wits to promote Baahubali. We also spared our time for Baahubali. Through digital posters and short videos, we thought about how to get the audience in front of the film. A lot of videos were released for that.

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