Asif May Have Said So Out Of Pity, Mamta Mohandas

Mamta Mohandas is coming to the cinema through Mayookham directed by Hariharan. The film was released in 2005. The songs of the film and Mamta as a new heroine were noticed. The actress proved that she is not only an actress but also a good singer.

At first, it was just a job. It was like doing it for fun. Mamta says that it was after four-five years that she decided that this is an art and that she wants to continue in this field and make it a career. He stayed away from acting. I see it as part of the process of my life. You don’t always get the character you want.

He also said that he had a crush that day. Mamta clarified that she took it as a joke. Asif only acted in one or two films then. Continuing the story was the best character I got as an actress. It is a great privilege to work with Sathyan Anthikad. I had some confidence then. I was the leading character in that film. Asif had a terrible simplicity then. I am doing the film when I am out of the hospital after chemo and radiation.