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Arya says she is in another love and still can’t wait!


Arya is a star who has won the hearts of the audience in a very short time. Arya is also prominent in the Badai Bungalow. Therefore, the star is also known as Badai Arya. When she arrived at Big Boss, Arya told her about her family life, in which she said that 85 percent of the fault was on her part. The actor’s husband was Rohit Susheelan, the brother of actress Archana Susheelan. The actress came to compete in Bigg Boss amidst shining as both a presenter and an actress. When it came to Big Boss, everyone understood the star better. Like Arya, daughter Roya is now a baby celebrity. While Arya was in Bigg Boss, Roya’s birthday was a big celebration. Even then, daughter Arya’s husband was with Rohit.

Arya Images

Arya Images

Arya also revealed that she is in another love affair with other contestants sharing the rhythms of family life. But months after the show ended halfway through, Arya has yet to reveal anything more about her romance. Fans were waiting to hear Arya, who returned after the match, open up about her love. But so far there has been no response from the Arya side. Fans are skeptical that the script of the show said that there is love with this.

Arya Photos

Arya Photos

And yesterday, January 5th, was a day that Bigg Boss contestants will never forget. Because the second part of Bigg Boss started on January 5, 2020. But a few days ago there was news that the third part of the show was coming. Season 3 promo actor Tovino Thomas is also rumored to be out. Arya had made a video of her story by capturing all her favorite moments in yesterday’s one year anniversary of the event. The title song of Bigg Boss is so close to the heart. Arya says she can’t wait for season 3. Like Arya, other contestants shared their memories of Bigg Boss.

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