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Amazing!! Ramaleela Is Going Great Guns At The Kochi Multiplexes!


Ramaleela, the Dileep starrer that hit the performance centers on September 29, 2017 is the discussion of the M’town. The film, which had hit the performance centers as one among the Pooja discharges has been doing an amazing business in the cinema world.

The sparkling audits that Ramaleela is getting has unquestionably helped the film to keep up the enduring upward development in the cinematic world. Presently, passing by the underlying reports, the family groups of onlookers have just slurped up the film.

Essentially, Dileep’s Ramaleela has had an astonishing end of the week at the Kochi multiplexes, also. The film, which has effectively finished its 4 days of run has been doing a shocking business at the multiplexes.

Investigate the nitty gritty accumulation report of Ramaleela at the Kochi multiplexes..

A Fantastic Start..!

Ramaleela had an incredible opening day at the Kochi multiplexes. The film had 21 appears on its opening day and the motion picture went ahead to get 6.87 Lakhs on day 1 at an inhabitance rate of 94.05 %.

Statistics Courtesy: Forum Keralam

An Impressive 3rd Day..!

The film continued its impressive show on its 3rd day as well. The advance booking was stunning and reportedly, the film fetched 6.95 Lakhs at an increased occupancy rate of 98.71 %.

4 Days Collections

The main Sunday was in reality a stunning one for Ramaleela at the Kochi multiplexes. Tickets went sold out like hot cakes and the film got 7.03 Lakhs at an inhabitance rate of 99.95 %. Presently, Ramaleela has brought 27.80 Lakhs from its 4 days of keep running at the Kochi multiplexes.

The Way Ahead..!

The route ahead looks encouraging and amazing for Ramaleela. The motion picture is relied upon to bring in immense numbers today, also. Ramaleela is hollowed to cross the 1-Crore check at the Kochi multiplexes.


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