Akshara Haasan, the daughter of Kamal Haasan Changes Her Religion???

Akshara Haasan, the girl of Kamal Haasan, has hit the features, however this time, the reason is exceptionally astounding. All things considered, there were reports that the on-screen character rhas changed her religion to Buddhism. We as a whole know how media buildups matters and makes superfluous discussions encompassing stars.

Despite the fact that the issue may be a little one, media adds mirch-masala to make it look huge. There’s nothing amiss with regarding a specific religion, isn’t that so?

In a meeting with TOI, Akshara had communicated how she’s an agnostic. Yet, looks as though she got slanted to Buddhism, which is the reason media said that she got changed over. Akshara said that she cherishes the lessons and standards of Buddha.

When this news turned out, online networking began discussing her religion change. Actually, they focused on her, as well as scrutinized her father Kamal Haasan.

In any case, we should acknowledge that Kamal Haasan is certainly a cool father and his tweet demonstrates it. He serenely inquired as to whether she has changed her religion. Look at it…