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After receiving the money, he withdrew from the film, Producer’s complaint against Simbu

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South Indian star Simbu is an actor who is full of controversies. Producer Ishari K Ganesh has filed a complaint against the actor. It is alleged against the actor that he did not act in the film ‘Korona Kumar’ despite receiving money in advance. The producer also alleged that the actor withdrew from the film after receiving the money. 

Ishari K Ganesh filed a complaint in the Producers Council. The complaint said that Simbu should be barred from acting in other projects until he refunds the purchase money or makes a new film under the same production banner. 

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Meanwhile, there have been reports of problems between the two for some time. Simbu’s new film is Thug Life starring Kamal Haasan. Thug Life is a film that reunites Kamal Haasan and Mani Ratnam after a long gap.

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