Actress Shamna Kasim Became A Mother

Malayali’s favorite star Shamna Kasim became a mother. Shamna gave birth to a boy. Shamna was admitted to a hospital in Dubai the other day. The actor gave birth to the baby on Tuesday morning. Shamna announced that she was going to be a mother on December 31 last year. Shamna shared pictures of her seventh-month baby shower on Instagram. But after the third month of marriage, a video appeared on some YouTube channels as a baby shower. Later, Shamna came to the scene to clarify the matter. Shamna said that her Nikah was performed on June 12 before marriage.

Shamna Kasim’s husband is Shanid Asif Ali, founder and CEO of JBS Group Company. Shamna got married in Dubai. After Nikah, some people live together. Some can be together. We were living together after Nikah. It was thought that the marriage ceremony could be performed one or two months after the Nikah. I was busy shooting. 3 and 4 films were being done. I needed some time. Therefore, the marriage ceremony was held in October. Shamna had said that is why you are always confused. A native of Kannur, Shamna is famous for her reality show. She made her film debut in 2004 with the film Manju Pola Oru Nagarika. Later, Shamna established her place on the silver screen through films in various languages. Apart from movies, Shamna Kasim was also very active in stage shows.