Actress Rohini about her love with Raghuvaran!!!

Rohini was once a super actress of Malayalam cinema. In the 1980s, Rahman and Rohini were the triumphs of Malayalam cinema. Rohini also said that the Telugu Telugu cinema was even Malayalee. Rohini remembers that he had heard most gossips from actor Rahman.

However, Rohini has said that he only loved actor Raghuvaran. Rohini was married to Raghu and later divorced. They have a son named Rishi.

Raghuvan died a few years after his break with Raghu. Rimi Tomi asked Rohini to do something in the rainbow mornings when she broke up with Raghu. Rohini’s response to the eyes was a delight to all.

I had a stepmother. My youngest daughter died. He fears how it will affect the risky if a stepmother finds it. It is a great freedom now. Rishis can give full attention. No one has been seen among us since we are not between them, “said Rohini.

“Raghu was a good lover. Anyone can pay anything. The problem of addiction is the problem. I was beaten. They tried to bring Raghu out of it, but could not. I decided to split up when I felt that it would affect my son too. The five-year-old son was dismissed, even though he thought he would rescue him. Her first speech was Raghu.

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