Actress Parvathy was publicly mocked Mammootty at IFFK !!


Performing artist Parvathy had put forth a solid expression at the IFFK 2017, at a meet of the Women in Cinema Collective.

“I had watched a film as of late, to my misfortune. With all regard to the producers, the film baffled me, as it included an incredible on-screen character spitting absolutely misanthropic exchanges. Many individuals feel silver screen reflects life and society, so when a genius mouths such an exchange, individuals may think its attractive and cool,” she said. She was alluding to the film Kasaba, which had Mammootty in the number one spot part.


When news spread that Parvathy had talked against THE Mammootty, enthusiasts of the performer and others began trolling her on the web. A wide range of remarks are being tossed at Parvathy, on the lines of: Who are you to discuss Mammootty? We are sufficiently insightful to separate life and silver screen and The film’s character requested the discoursed.

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A couple have likewise bolstered the boasting of the on-screen character in pointing out something which most on-screen characters stay silent about.