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Actress Kani Kusruti on being different


Kani Kusruti is a powerhouse of ability, yet declines to pass by generalizations. Kani Kusruti doesn’t fit into the ordinary system of an on-screen character. As some person who has lived by her own terms, the intense and wonderful Kani dependably springs shocks.

She has moved far from theater, once her specialty; her filmography isn’t broad regardless of being a shocking entertainer. Be that as it may, she has no protestations. The vivacious, shadowy, petite artiste is additionally into displaying, the most recent being a cover shoot for Vogue India magazine. As of late, she showed up on the smaller than usual screen, playing an attorney in K.K. Rajeev’s serial ‘Easwaran Sakshiyayi’ on Flowers TV. All in all, what’s more in store? Addressing Friday Review from Mumbai where is as of now living, Kani discusses being unique:

We didn’t expect Kani Kusruti to do a serial?

(Laughs) I am totally cut off from Malayalam serials. But I had my reasons to do that role in ‘Easwaran Sakshiyayi’. One, it gave me a steady income. The second factor was the director himself. He had actually offered me a role in one of his serials earlier. At that time I didn’t want to leave theatre.

When he approached me again with this role, the catch was that it would have only 100 episodes. He told me I needed to shoot for just three months. I didn’t hesitate to say yes because it was the best opportunity to come home to Kerala once in a while, especially to attend my sitar classes. I have been learning it at Natyaveda school in the capital city. Although there are many teachers here in Mumbai, I chose to learn it in Thiruvananthapuram. Learning a musical instrument is a passion and the idea is not to become a performer. When I play it, I feel something akin to meditation

So how was the experience of acting in a serial?

Although the serial got extended and I had to shoot for five months, I enjoyed being part of it. People have labelled me as somebody difficult to work with (laughs). So naturally everybody expected me to get into a fight with my director or co-stars.

But there was absolutely no problems on the set of ‘Easwaran Sakshiyayi’ and I became quite friendly with every one. We all respected each other as artistes and that eventually created a friendly ambience.

Kani Kusruti In cinema?

People ask why I do films in which I don’t have enough screen time. I don’t regret the roles I have done. I look at a work as a whole.

But then there are many roles that I really wanted to do but couldn’t due to various reasons. For example, a role in Lijo Jose Pellissery’s City of God. Whatever I do is for my personal satisfaction and I am not somebody who is overtly worried or concerned about anything. I am not a star, I am an actor. A star is bound to work in a way that brings him/her a steady stream of roles, whereas in my case I do roles that I find interesting. In some cases I accept roles because my friends are part of the project.

Of late, there has been a change in the outlook towards women working in the film industry.

The working atmosphere has changed a lot, we are treated in a better way now. As for the content, at least a few films are trying to have realistic portrayals of women.

I thoroughly enjoyed Nazriya’s character in Ohm Shanthi OshaanaRani Padminitoo had its moments. I personally enjoy commercial movies more than those movies that try to be abstract for the sake of being abstract.

Right now I am not doing any movie. I recently shot for a film by Vipin Vijay.

Kani Kusruti , the model

I have got my own sense of fashion, I come up with weird mix n’ match combinations. I have modelled mostly for my friends. The chance to be featured on the cover of Vogue India came through a friend. That particular issue was about saris and as somebody who regularly wears saris, I was featured along with (actress) Aparna Nair and another model.

Photo shoots are something I enjoy. I am never tired of the process involved. In fact I have done an ad on the lines of Sruthi Menon’s jewellery ad that had kicked up a storm. It was also for a jewellery brand, but we didn’t publish it because it was a lot similar to Sruthi’s ad.

Kani Kusruti Looking ahead

I am on a break now. I want to make a serial some day, a work that appeals to all. I am a huge fan of serials in foreign languages and would love to do something like that.

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