Actress Bhama Has Finally Responded To The Gossip News

Bhama is an actress who won the hearts of the Malayalam audience with the film Nivedyam. It was Lohita Das who brought the actress into the film industry. Bhama was able to gain attention with his character in the first film. Later many opportunities came to Bhama. Bhama has proved his talent not only in acting but also in music. The actress stayed away from the film industry even after she married Arun in 2020. Theirs was a planned wedding. Arun is a businessman in Dubai. A baby girl was born to Bhama and Arun in 2021. Bhama’s wedding, which was held in a very lavish fashion, was attended by many people from the film industry. The marriage was in Kottayam.

They celebrated their daughter’s first birthday with much celebration. But recently, the fact that their husband Arun is not seen in any of the pictures shared by the actress has created a debate on social media. There are rumors that they broke up because there is no Arun in the pictures. After Bhama’s wedding photo was removed from Instagram, a post by her husband Arun went viral. Posted by Arun It rained in Dubai yesterday too. The heat of shawarma has not changed yet. It was a kind of post saying if your quarrel is not over yet come back soon.