Actor Vadivelu is happy that the ban on acting in cinema has been lifted!


Comedian Vadivelu has not acted in films for 4 years due to a ban imposed by the Producers Association on him to act in new films in the Imsai Arasan 24th Pulicaci film issue. The ban is currently being negotiated and lifted. Following this, Vadivelu is preparing to act actively in films again. Actor Vadivelu

In an interview, Vadivelu said, “I am happy that the ban on acting has been lifted. This is reborn for me and I am going to act in the next 5 films. I am 20 years younger than this happy one. The fact that I am going to act in cinema again gives the impression that I got the cinema opportunity first.Actor Vadivelu

The good times have come for me. I have my fans in every home. Every family is a fan forum for me. My delight is that the fans are happy. I am going to act immediately in the Suraj-directed movie Naisekar. Filming is set to begin next month. I am going to act as the protagonist in 2 films in a row. Later I will also act as a comedian in films.