Actor Suresh Gopi Advocates For The Legalisation Of Drug Use In Malayalam Cinema

Actor Suresh Gopi wants drug use in Malayalam cinema to be legalized. Certain findings have been brought forward for the safety of society. The veracity of that information should be verified. Suresh Gopi said that he will take a stand to stand with the officials in this process. Let the officers be hunted. It should happen. Let the officials say. Certain findings have been brought forward for the safety of society. Honesty in that information and if there is a need for purification in it then let it be done based on the laws prevailing in the country. If the officers take corrective action, they will stand by the officers in that process. Only that will do,’ said Suresh Gopi.

The high discussions regarding the ban on actors Srinath Bhasi and Shane Nigam pointed to the use of drugs in Malayalam cinema. The film organizations jointly banned the duo as they stated that they were not cooperating with the producers. The producers sought the help of the star organization ‘Amma’ to ban the stars who use drugs and not cooperate with their films. Excise and police have stepped up their investigation as various organizations in cinema have come forward and taken action against drug use.