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Aana Alaralodalaral Box Office Collection Report, Movie Real Review !!

Aana Alaralodalaral is a Malayalam parody motion picture, helmed by make a big appearance movie producer, Dileep Menon. The motion picture stars Vineeth Sreenivasan, Anu Sithara, Innocent and so forth., in the number one spot parts. The motion picture is a social parody comic drama set against the background of Northern Kerala. It’s unmistakable from the trailer, that an elephant would likewise have a noticeable part in Dileep Menon’s Aana Alaralodalaral.

Kerala BoxofficeCollectionGross
3 Day Collection 83 Lakhs
18 Days Collection 3.73 Crores
24 Days Collection 3.79 Crores
Worldwide Collection report

Aana Alaralodalaral Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Aana AlaralodalaralMovie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Aana AlaralodalaralDileep Menon
Release date of Aana AlaralodalaralDecember 22 2017
Hero of Aana AlaralodalaralVineeth Sreenivasan
Heroine of Aana AlaralodalaralAnu Sithara
ProducerNavis Xaviour
Sibi Thottupuram
MusicShaan Rahman
Cinematography Aana Alaralodalaral Deepu S. Unni
Running time2h 9m
Country Aana Alaralodalaral INDIA
ScriptSarath Balan
Production Company of Aana Alaralodalaral Poetry Film House
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Aana Alaralodalaral Review 

The sarcastic film is an impression of the eccentricities of individuals, and in the pull of war between warring powers endeavoring to demonstrate to the world about who is the most honest, even a strong creature, for example, an elephant isn’t saved.

Parvathy’s dad Padmanabhan Thampi introduces the soul of a propitious environment by bringing home an elephant and names him Shekarankutty. The youngsters from the area are eager to be around the glorious creature. Before long, youthful Hashim, companion Jamaludhin’s child, is gotten in a web of intrigues, after Shekaran’s brilliant ‘elas’ or hallowed string disappears.

Velayudhan (Suraj Venjaramoodu) and his gathering make utilization of the chance to render retribution on Jamaludhin, by marking his child as the cheat. Hashim and family are left with no decision however to leave the town, after the disrespect brought upon them.

A long time later, there is an inversion of fortune for Padmanabhan Thampi’s family, following which Shekaran is repudiated by them. Be that as it may, the arrival of Hashim to the town, taking responsibility for, leaves everybody ponder struck.

What takes after is disturbance, in regards to who is the genuine proprietor of Shekaran, and Hashim and Parvathy lose control over the issue after the sanctuary board of trustees and the champions of the congregation assume control.

A couple of examples influence you to grin, as they help you to remember this present reality outside and the situation in that. Much the same as water, Shekaran accept distinctive personalities, for example, Kunji Khader and even ‘Gabriel Malagha’, while being with individuals of various convictions.

The unending tussle for the elephant additionally tosses light on the paltry things individuals enjoy for the sake of religion, lastly Shekaran is depended with the privilege to settle on a choice all alone.

All things considered, the romantic tale of Hashim and Paru doesn’t generally have an effect, as it is the elephant and villagers who outweigh everything else in the portrayal. Shekaran’s voyage of finding his very own character, acquires consideration and significance.

It comes as an unexpected that Shekarankutty, the charming tusker, talks in the voice of on-screen character Dileep.

Pure as Pathros and Vijayaraghavan as the ‘sakhavu’ do full equity to the part, and the scene, where the last’s fancy dialect leaves everybody astounded, post which they ask him, ‘Ini engilum Malayalm paranjoode’ apropos brings out how most political pioneers fall back on good for nothing talk. Visak Nair inspires an emotional response by trying the part of a mahout and we see an alternate Suraj Venjaramoodu in the manipulative Velayudhan.

Shaan Rahman’s structure is on the speck, and it brings a variety of decent tunes for the music darlings. Sunnath Kalyanam by Gowri Lekshmi and Mithun Jayaraj and Shaanthi sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan are enthusiastic and engaging. The verses penned by Vineeth and Manu Manjith collect consideration, and the settings take you through the naadan regions.

Aana Alaralodalaral religiously takes after what a parody is, and in the meantime, gives a solid message about religious prejudice and the inclination of creatures to surrender themselves to human love,

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