Aamir Khan’s 3rd marriage, in love with the actress?

Amir khan thierd marriage

Famous Hindi actor Aamir Khan divorced his first wife Reena Dutta in 2002. They have a son, Junaid, and a daughter, Ira. Later in 2005, Lagaan got married for the second time to Kiran Rao who worked as an assistant director in a Hindi film. This married life is also now leaking after 16 years. Kiran recently announced that he was going to divorce her. It is rumored that Hindi actress Fatima Sanashek is the reason for their division. Fatima Sanashek played Aamir Khan’s daughter in the gold film. The film was a success. Later, Aamir Khan and Fatima Sanashek became close. The couple attended banquets. There were constant rumors that the two were in love.aamir-khan-kiran-rao

In this situation, Aamir Khan is said to have decided to divorce Kiran Rao in order to marry Fatima Sanashek. Fatima Sanashek is from Hyderabad. Went to Mumbai and acted in movies. Aamir Khan, 56, is rumored to be getting married for the third time to 29-year-old Fatima Sanashek.